Monday, 13 June 2011

Cover Page Facts And Designs

Cover page, undoubtedly, is supposed to be the main attraction of one's project because it leaves the first impression and gathers attention. Keeping this in mind I am posting some cover page designs which will widen your thoughts about them.

Beginning with the most simple design we save this sample :


This cover page contains a picture ( based on the topic ) , the subject and the catagory (printed ) pasted at desired locations. The backgroung is simply a light purple coloured sheet. This simple project was subjected to spiral binding after it was completed.



This is another type of a simple yet innovative project and takes a bit of time because the map that you see is handmade. Not only is it handmade but it consists of double layering i.e., two maps of India of different sizes pasted one on the other. As shown, if you have the contents that are light coloured, you can easily put a dark coloured sheet ( dark purple here ) as the background coverpage sheet. This project was also subjected to spiral binding once it was completed.



This cover page contains a "powerpoint" background with a printed picture of Albert Einstein. A very simple way to make your page look good.



This coverpage only contains a powerpoint slide that has been printed. Such simple projects will only fetch you a B+ !!


This coverpage again contains a combination of a printed picture of Ramanujan with a dark background. It looks good.


This piece of work contains a simple file paper on which things are written with sketchpens in style.


  • Take a file paper.
  • Paste a red handmade sheet cut in a rectangle of smaller size.
  • Cut a pink chart paper in the shape of a cloud.
  • Paste pictures towards the right side.
  • Place the topic on another handmade sheet of orange colour on the top.


To make a scrapbook, buy a scrapbook and simply cover it with a fluoroscent sheet. Use oil pastels to make designs and finally write the topic.


  • Take a file paper.
  • Take a pink chart paper cut in equal size.
  • Paste the chart paper slanted.
  • Paste the main coloured picture in the centre.
  • Draw incomplete margins (they look good).
  • Using sketchpens, write the desired things in style.




  • Take a very thick red or pink sheet for background.
  • Choose your main picture and enlarge it to a size which is a little bigger than your sheet.
  • Cut the picture as per its shape.
  • Paste the picture on a cardboard.
  • Now cut the cardboard in the shape of the picture.
  • Paste thepicture cardboard combination on the coverpage background sheet.


  • Take a pink background sheet.
  • Cut the news columns in square shape and paste them on a cardboard intially.
  • Now cut the cardboard too and keep it aside.
  • Draw half margins as shown and paste a newspaper cutting of large size touching the margin towards the left.
  • Paste the cardboard pasted news columns randomly on the right hand side.Try to overlap the margin at the bottom. overlapping gives a good effect.Using sketch pens write the heading neatly in style.



  • Take a thick green dull paper.
  • Draw incomplete double margins with colour variations as shown.
  • Draw the characters on a white drawing sheet, outline them with a black pen, colour them using crayons and then cut them in shapr as shown.
  • Paste the picture is a manner so as to intrude the margins also allowing them to exceed the limit of the page. That means we want the picture to be half outside . This gives an attractive look.



  • Take a thick sheet and paint it in skin colour (orange paint + white paint = skin paint ).
  • Take a file paper and give it " samsung corby " edges. Paint this light / sky blue.
  • Take white poster paint and make bones with accuracy.
  • Paste the sky blue sheet on the skin sheet slantly.
  • Since the topic is rickets, bones have been made and the heading has also been written in bone styling.
  • Write the topic such that it appears on both the coloured sheets, as shown.
  • Notice the special spiral binding here.


  • On an orange thick sheet, paste a white paper and outline it with a black sketch pen.
  • Draw the main figure. Here an intricate figure has been drawn. ( If you wish to know more about this figure and need any assistance you can leave a post and I will get back to you positively .)
  • Using sketch pens of different  colours write the topic.



  • Take two thick sheet - one orange and one grey.
  • Choose the orange sheet as the background.
  • Take two black and white pictures and one coloured face of a tiger.
  • Paste one coloured and one black and white picture on the grey sheet. Leaving some gaps at corners (as shown) cut the pictures with the grey sheet.
  • Colour the black and white picture (that still remains unattended) using a yellow sketchpen.
  • Now paste all these as shown in the picture.
  • Draw margins before pasting and write the topic using sketch pens. Decorate using glitter pens.


  • Take a yellow thick sheet. Paste on it, a pink thick sheet as shown.
  • Put a few drops of white, green and blue poster paints at the centre and rotate a bit so as to make patterns, as shown.
  • Using green, blue and sea green oil pastels, write the topic in a wild style to give the spectacular effect.
  • Instead of margins with pens, slightly colour two sides  with white oil pastel.


  • On an orange thick sheet, paste four picture of different sizes, overlapping each other.
  • Write the topic using oil pastels of different colours in your favourite style.


  • Take an orange sheet.
  • Print a black and white earth.
  • Print a coloured earth and a coloured satellite.
  • Paste these as shown in the picture.
  • Draw an earth using oil pastels and colour it.
  • Write the topic using oil pastels and decorate it using some handmade pictures relating to the topic using the overlapping technique.


  • Take a red thick background sheet and paste on it a blue thick background sheet cut in a specific shape as shown above.
  • Now cut thin large triangles of equal size and colour them using yellow, orange and red poster paints. Paste them in the shape of a half flower as shone and on the corners of the petals, paste the desired pictures cut in proper shape. 
  • Take a light yellow sheet. Write clothing on it as shown , cut it and decorate it by making small checks on it using silver glitter pen. Outline the text using a thick blue sketch pen.
  • Cut some blue paper strips , as thin as possible. Paste them on the top right corner as shown.


  • Draw an ice cream cone on a white drawing sheet as shown.
  • Now put it under an OHP SHEET and draw an outline on the OHP SHEET using a permanent black marker.
  • Take a pink sheet as background sheet, paste on it the actual drawing on the right bottom corner. Now cover this using the prepared OHP SHEET and staple to attach them.
  • Hide the staple using a thin black strip at the top.


This is intricate only because you can make it only if you have a good writing hand. Then decorate the letters using sketch pens and glitter pens. Finally slight shadings with crayons or pencil colours can be given.


  • Take a pink chart paper. Cut it in the shape of a file paper. Also, take a strip of the same paper and write RAJASTHAN as shown. Cut it in the pattern as shown above.
  • Take a white file paper and paste it slant on the pink file paper as in the picture.
  • On the white file paper, draw the outline of a camel using a brown pencil colour. Using the same brown pencil colour, make checks on the camel very lightly.
  • Take a green chart paper and cut it in a triangle so as to paste it in the bottom right corner as in the picture.
  • Print the map of Rajasthan and paste it in the manner shown.
  • Outline the map using a dark green sketchpen . Make small camels on the map as well and write a small Rajasthan in the middle of the map with a green dark sketch pen.
  • Paste the Rajasthan strip that was made on the pink paper at the bottom.
  • Using a pencil colour, draw your school monogram at the top.
  • Observe how the spiral binding has been done in the picture and try to do it in the same manner.

These were the basic designs that can be employed while making a coverpage. The next post will describe how the inner pages should look with a particular coverpage and what should the relation be between the two.




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